Message from Our Partner - President of GENTOS

Since our establishment, we have been offering products and services of "partner goods" which are essential things in our lives. As times change, people's tastes change, and consumer needs such as life style and aesthetic sense become extremely diverse.

And now, and hereafter, we will strive to provide "High Quality & Unique" products and services that every customers will be satisfied with and aim to become a company to be appreciated by customers.

GENTOS, Tokyo, Japan, which provides Li-ion rechargeable high durability LED flash lights, head lights, work lights, flood lights and lanterns. GENTOS's LED lights are suitable for construction site, car maintenance workshop, fire department, outdoor camping and of course daily life. The GENTOS brand are designed to improve the quality of life. In addition, the GENTOS brand won numerous design awards such as IF Design Award, Reddot Award. For more details, you may visit

Soraa of Fremont, CA, USA and its GaN-on-GaN (gallium nitride on gallium nitride) technology, which provides an alternative to halogen MR16 lamps has partnered as a supplier for Ni-Led. Soraa's LED lamps are suitable for high-end retail, jewellers, art galleries, museums and the hospitality industry. For spotlighting over products, the firm's 95-CRI (colour render index) GaN-on-GaN technology is said to show a true representation of colors with crisp shadows and detail.Soraa also won numerous awards such as Reddot Award, Lux Awards and FX International interior Design Awards. For more details, you may visit

Unipro lighting track solution, a partner and supplier of Ni-Led from Finland, is an ideal choice for lighting in public and commercial buildings, office premises, shops, trade centers and museums. High quality Unipro lighting tracks and accessories are versatile, offering flexibility in sizing, placement and fixture styles, which allows putting the light exactly where it is needed. Due to the universality and the modular structure of the system it is easy to extend and adapt to various customer needs. For more details, you may visit

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